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Sustainability and social responsibility

Makin's commitment to CSR and sustainability is founded on delivering user-friendly technology that helps our customers improve their environmental footprint. Makin aims for a strong employee involvement, close cooperation with our suppliers, and sustainability as an integrated part of Makin’s strategy. 

Makin’s goal is to contribute through all of our activities to reducing waste, lowering CO2 emissions while at the same time improving a sustainable future for society, humans and the environment.

At Makin,  the respect for the environmental issues and the human resources begins within the company. We walk the talk by integrating sustainability and social responsibility in our strategy, our projects, and our daily work.

The Transparency Act is a new act, adopted by the Norwegian government, which came into force on 1 July 2022. The act aims to promote companies' respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions and ensure the public's access to information.

The Act requires larger businesses to carry out due diligence assessments in order to stop, prevent and limit negative consequences on human rights and decent working conditions. The report below contains Makin’s statement including our due diligence assessments under the Transparency Act for 2023, in Norwegian. You can download the report here:


4. The Makin' Organization

5. Strong partnership with dealer network

Infographic about Makin' Technology contributing to sustainability

1. Makin' Technology

1. Makin' Technology

1. Makin' Technology

Makin’s main contribution is to provide technology that can act as a catalyst to promote sustainability in the construction industry by increasing productivity and safety while minimizing CO2 emissions and waste.

Adding machine control to an excavator can save up to 40 tonnes CO2 per machine per year, which is equivalent to 2000 trees growing for a year.

You can download a printable version of the Makin' infographich by clicking here: 

2. Partnership with customers

Strong partnerships with customers drive the sustainable future for Makin. As a supplier of machine control and project control solutions to the construction industry, an increasing number of Makin systems are now being installed on electrical excavators. 

Makin' 3D systems are fully digital and cloud-based solutions, which results in not only cost savings but also savings in the customer's CO2-emission. Support and communication can be performed as remote support, so that a technician does not necessarily has to drive out to the site for support jobs.


Adding productivity saving technology such as machine control is just one of many tools to help the construction industry improve their environmental footprint. The future is all about handling data to improve the efficiency on the construction sites of tomorrow. This will be at the core of Makin’s future development. Read more by clicking here.

First electric Liebherr in the Netherlands with Makin' machine control system.
Makin' supply chain sustainability

3. Supply Chain Sustainability

Makin considers the environmental and human impact of our products' journey through the supply chain, from raw materials sourcing to production, storage, delivery and every transportation link in between.

We are in continuous dialogue with our suppliers regarding sourcing and the environmental impact of products from the moment you purchase the products but also when you are ready to upgrade old products and dispose them.

You can download the Makin-Panasonic flyer by clicking here:

4. Strong partnership with dealer network

Makin will continously encourage best practice within the distribution network and provide solid digital systems for the promotion of sustainable sales, installation and service. 

Makin will encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing between Makin' distributors’ initiatives regarding sustainability, disposal, and recycling of products.

Makin supports the UN global goals for sustainable development
Makin aim at reducing waste and encourages a healthy work environment.

5. Makin's own organization

This is how we try to make global goals into everyday actions:

  • Reduce packing material waste by reusing them for their original purpose, namely packaging.

  • Makin has obtained a 30 per cent reduction in the consumption of new cardboard boxes for complete systems.

  • We make conscious efforts to avoid purchasing plastic products and to prevent waste. 

  • Consumables such as towels, napkins, dish clothes are washed and reused instead of using disposables.

  • We drive in carpools when possible and make conscious choices regarding traveling.

  • Makin encourages a good work-life balance including the possibility of working from home. Makin strives at ensuring diversity and inclusion in the recruitment of new employees.

  • Makin supports a healthy workplace environment, free of accidents and injuries. 

  • Employees are encouraged to go for a walk  during meetings, and healthy choices are promoted.

  • At Makin ApS, we use the Valified platform to easily establish CO2 calculations and a data-founded ESG report.

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