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We are close to you

We understand you, we come from the same place. Your success is our success – it is in our DNA! We shed no means to maximize uptime of your systems. Our dealers take pride in supporting you the best way possible, and we stand right behind them.

Feedback and suggestions from clever customers like yourself are highly appreciated. We encourage our dealers to collect the creative customer ideas – they are the very foundation of our machine control products.


What our customers say

"Innovative" is one of our core values. We constantly try to be at the forefront of having the latest and greatest equipment. The guys are very happy with the user interface. It's easy to use, clear and clean. Competition is nowhere near!

Thor Ambjørn Kjeldaas, General Manager, Kjeldaas AS

"Stable and fast" are the words that come to mind after just a few hours of driving. Simple, logical, and clear information where you want it. Being able to see colleagues and log points from their rovers and machines on my own screen is not only very cool, it is also incredibly practical!

Mickael Lindgren, Owner, Lindgren AB, T-schakt

I have never experienced anything easier, I will definitely be happy about this system. I have tried to "outperform" it but I have not yet succeeded – it's nice to have sensors that are able to keep up with me!

Jesper Nedergaard,

Owner, JN Anlæg

Full control directly from office to work site – and back

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