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Makin' growth and continued success!

Makin's solutions in current markets are widely noticed, it seems - we experience a huge interest from other markets and for more applications. With already well over 600 Makin' 3D Excavator solutions in Scandinavia, Makin now strengthens its strategic focus on product strategy and market development. We are therefore happy to announce Sten Kristensen as our new Chief Growth Officer, starting November 1.

Sten has a solid professional background from more than 20 years of working within machine control for heavy construction. He brings along a wide and deep experience in business and strategy acquired in global positions, in Europe and in the US. Sten's impressive background has provided him with a profound understanding of needs and value creation within construction.

We welcome Sten on board, excited to expand the success of Makin!

Check us out for more information!

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