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Makin' 3D, project connectivity through integration

Odense, Denmark, 8th March 2021 - Makin is introducing the integration of construction project data from machines via Makin’ Cloud into the Infrakit construction management platform. Makin systems are more and more frequently used on construction projects of all sizes and are therefore contributing to the overall performance in contractors projects. The rapid adoption of technology and widespread digitalization within heavy construction is driving contractors' need for effective and more coherent project information. Makin, is together with Infrakit, providing a solution which integrates project data from Makin systems and thereby delivering optimal efficiency for contractors.

By use of the Makin’ Cloud infrastructure, Makin has created a communication interface to share project data with the Infrakit Cloud solution for management of multi vendor projects. The integration provides customers of Makin systems full flexibility in being able to share project data with Infrakit and thereby providing a powerful construction project overview. Design models distributed from within Infrakit will be automatically shared with Makin systems on the project. Project managers and supervisors can follow the progress and get live visualizations of the systems associated with Infrakit's project tools.

As a fast moving brand, and with a very ingrained focus on providing optimal value for our customers, Makin has been determined to deliver a range of easy and user friendly systems for efficient management of heavy construction projects and tasks. Makin is pushing on innovation, delivering high performing systems for the industry and continues its aspiration to deliver market leading machine control systems.


Makin - the Scandinavian machine control supplier and makers of market leading systems for heavy construction. We strongly believe in being close to our customers and work in an agile environment to meet the fast technology development in the segment. Ease of use, and simplicity with highest customer value is a primary goal. Makin' 3D has the market's most friendly user interface, quick loading of all the project files provides a great overview and overall, the sharpest hardware on the market enables precise and fast task execution with machines. With Makin' Cloud, contractors can efficiently collect, filter and export all of the project's as-built data, e.g., point logs.

The success of our customers is our success – it is in our DNA! We shed no means to maximize uptime of your systems. Makin cooperates with the leading suppliers of construction design software and handles the most common file formats in the machine control industry.

For further information please contact;

Sten Kristensen, Chief Growth Officer

Makin’ machine control systems connected to Infrakit | Infrakit

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