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A Machine Control Veteran Retires

Peter Tjärnberg from our Swedish dealer Maskin System AB is retiring, and Maskin System decided to write a portrait story as a tribute to Peter’s career, which has coincided with an interesting and eventful period for Maskin System.

Peter’s story starts a long time ago in the north-west of Sweden, where Peter grew up as the oldest of three brothers. Peter started his career when he was in high school working at a Shell gas station, where he welcomed all customers with his friendliness, and he soon became the station’s handyman.

After finishing high school, he decided to study computer science, but his years working at the gas station had made an impression on him, and Shell later contacted him and offered him a job as a computer technician. Heading off to the capital, Stockholm, Peter worked in various positions finishing as COO for all the franchised Shell stations in Sweden. After many years, Peter decided that it was time for a change of career. At the time, he was in contact with a guy that managed a gas station that also sold trailers, and Peter started working there.

Peter has worked with machine control right from the introduction to the Swedish market

But Peter wanted to try more. He applied for several jobs, one of them as Regional Sales Manager for something that sounded a little strange: Machine control. He was on spring leave, when he received the phone call that started his new career. They wanted to meet him, and the rest is history!

At the time, the company that Peter worked for sold to 9 out of 10 machine control customers in Sweden. Peter employed 13 people during his time with the company, and when he 13 years later decided to move on, 100 people were employed there.

What Peter in particular remembers from this period, was a statement from one of his colleagues: “Machine control is actually very simple. It has been invented late in time. It simply brings you closer to reality.”

Peter has actually been working with machine controle right from the beginning of its use in Sweden.

2020 was the year that Maskin System grew into being one of the main players on the Swedish market. This was also the year that Peter joined the company, and he describes it as a feeling of coming home.

- To work in a company that has 100 per cent respect for the colleagues and the products and with healthy decision-making internally and externally is what really matters!

We had NEVER seen a system this fast!

Peter’s finest and strongest memory from his time with Maskin System was when the company became the Swedish dealer for Makin. The first year, we committed ourselves to sell 50 systems, but we ended up with selling 100 systems instead!

- I remember when we had sold and installed the very first system, and our technician Micke, got inside the excavator after the installation and lowered the bucket to the ground. Our jaws dropped: We had NEVER seen a system this fast!

The Maskin System team in Sweden.

Peter will most of all miss all the laughter.

-I remember my colleague Andreas saying: We are right now laughing about things that happened 10 years ago. In 10 years, we are going to laugh about the things that happen right now! And this is probably the best advice I can give to those of you who are in the beginning of your careers: Have fun! You are going to miss out, if you think everything is so darn serious!

Now that Peter is going to have more spare time, he will spend it with his wife in their new summer house together with their four children and their grandchildren. They are planning to build a new glass porch and a small extra house on the ground.

- I look forward to continuing this tableau called life as long as I can and at least until I am 82, which is the average life expectancy.

Peter will continue to live in Örebro and has promised to help Maskin System sometimes. The Maskin System team expects to stay in touch with Peter and meet him at some of the events that are held.

A big thank you to Peter from all of us in the machine control community. Hope you will enjoy your new life.

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